Don’t Hit the Brakes on Your Fleet’s Productivity – Consider an APU for Sale


As a fleet manager, you know that every minute your vehicles spend off the road can mean lost revenue and decreased productivity. One way to ensure that your fleet is always up and running is by investing in an APU for sale. An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a small, self-contained engine that provides power to the cabin of a vehicle when the main engine is turned off. It may seem like a small addition, but the benefits of using an APU for sale can have a significant impact on your fleet’s efficiency and profitability. Let’s explore some of these benefits in more detail. 

Fuel Economy – The Biggest Benefit of an semi truck

When it comes to managing a fleet, fuel costs can quickly eat into your profits. That’s why fuel economy is such a crucial factor to consider. And when it comes to fuel economy, an auxiliary power unit (APU) can make a significant difference. An APU is designed to provide power to the cabin of a vehicle when the main engine is turned off. By using an APU, you can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet. When a vehicle is parked, instead of idling the main engine to power the cabin, the APU takes over, utilizing a much smaller, more fuel-efficient engine. This means that while your drivers are taking a break or resting for the night, your vehicles can still maintain a comfortable temperature and power the essential equipment without burning excessive amounts of fuel.

The fuel savings from using an APU can be substantial. By reducing idle time and optimizing fuel consumption, you can expect to see a significant decrease in your fleet’s overall fuel costs. This translates directly to increased profitability for your business. Additionally, using an APU can also help extend the lifespan of your fleet’s engines. Since the APU handles the power requirements when the main engine is not running, there is less strain and wear on the engine. This can result in fewer maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Minimizing Wear and Tear on Your Fleet

When it comes to managing a fleet, wear and tear on your vehicles is inevitable. However, there are measures you can take to minimize this damage and extend the lifespan of your fleet. One such measure is investing in an auxiliary power unit (APU) for sale. By using an APU, you can reduce the strain on your fleet’s engines. When the main engine is turned off, the APU takes over the power requirements, preventing unnecessary wear and tear. This means that during downtime or breaks, your vehicles can rest without placing undue stress on the engine. Not only does minimizing wear and tear on your fleet save you money in maintenance and repair costs, but it also helps to ensure that your vehicles remain in top condition for longer periods of time. This translates to increased reliability and fewer breakdowns, which can have a direct impact on your fleet’s productivity and profitability. Additionally, an APU can also minimize wear and tear on other components of your vehicles. By providing power to the cabin when the main engine is not running, the APU reduces the need for continuous use of certain electrical systems, such as the alternator. This can help prevent premature wear on these components, saving you money on replacements and repairs. Overall, investing in an APU for sale is a smart way to minimize wear and tear on your fleet. By reducing strain on the engine and other vital components, you can extend the lifespan of your vehicles and save money on maintenance and repairs. Don’t underestimate the importance of protecting your fleet and consider adding an APU to your vehicles today.

Increasing Driver Comfort Without Sacrificing Efficiency

As a fleet manager, one of your top priorities is ensuring the comfort and well-being of your drivers. After all, they are the ones spending long hours on the road, delivering goods and keeping your business running smoothly. But how do you provide them with the comfort they need without sacrificing efficiency? The answer lies in investing in an auxiliary power unit (APU) for sale. An APU not only helps with fuel economy and reducing wear and tear on your fleet but also plays a crucial role in enhancing driver comfort. By providing power to the cabin of a vehicle when the main engine is turned off, an APU ensures that drivers can enjoy a comfortable environment even during their rest breaks or downtime. This means they can relax and recharge without having to rely on idling the engine, which can be noisy, inefficient, and cause unnecessary wear on the engine.

Imagine your drivers being able to enjoy air conditioning, heating, and access to essential equipment like a microwave or TV, all while their main engine is off. This level of comfort can go a long way in improving their overall job satisfaction and morale. Happy drivers are more likely to be focused, alert, and efficient, ultimately leading to increased productivity and better service for your customers. Not only does an APU enhance driver comfort, but it also helps to improve their health and well-being. A comfortable cabin temperature is not just a luxury; it can help prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of accidents caused by drowsiness. With an APU, your drivers can have a more pleasant and relaxing environment, promoting their physical and mental well-being. Investing in an APU for sale is a win-win situation for both your drivers and your business. By prioritizing driver comfort without sacrificing efficiency, you can create a positive work environment that fosters productivity, loyalty, and satisfaction. Don’t underestimate the impact that a small addition like an APU can have on your fleet and the well-being of your drivers. Take the step today and give your drivers the comfort they deserve while keeping your operations running smoothly.



Carrier APUs : How They Measure Up Against the Competition

When it comes to the world of technology, Carrier APUs have long been seen as one of
the most reliable and powerful options on the market. With their expansive capabilities and
powerful processors, Carrier APUs have made a name for themselves in the industry. But how
do they compare to the competition? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Carrier APUs and
how they measure up against other brands in the industry.
Carrier;s History with APUs

Carrier is one of the world’s leading providers of heating, air conditioning, and
refrigeration systems. For over 100 years, they have been manufacturing products to improve
the comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency of homes and businesses across the globe.
One of Carrier’s most popular products are their APUs, or “auxiliary power units”. APUs are
used in trucks and other large vehicles to provide on-board power for electrical systems and
heating/cooling needs. They are designed to be a more efficient alternative to using a separate
engine to power these systems. Since their introduction in 1959, Carrier has been a pioneer in
APU technology. They are renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, and they
have continued to develop and refine their APUs ever since.
Today, Carrier is one of the top manufacturers of APUs in the world, with a wide range
of models available to suit different applications and budgets. Their units are known for their
durability and reliable performance in even the most extreme conditions. Whether you’re
looking for an APU for your fleet of trucks or for personal use, Carrier has something for you.
Their history of innovation and quality makes them a great choice for anyone looking for a
reliable and efficient solution for powering their vehicle’s electrical systems.

The Benefits of Carrier APUs

Carrier APUs are some of the most reliable and powerful processors available on the
market today. With their high performance and energy efficiency, they have become a top
choice for those looking for a processor that can handle their computing needs. One of the
biggest advantages of using Carrier APUs is their energy efficiency. Compared to other similar
processors on the market, Carrier APUs offer improved power consumption and lower total
system costs, resulting in lower energy bills.
In addition to their energy efficiency, Carrier APUs also feature superior performance.
With their high-end architecture and advanced microarchitecture, Carrier APUs are capable of
handling demanding tasks with ease, ensuring that your computer runs smoothly and
efficiently. Another advantage of Carrier APUs is their cost-effectiveness. With their affordable
price tag, these processors are more accessible than other similar models on the market. As a
result, you can get more power for your money when buying a Carrier APU.
Finally, Carrier APUs are incredibly reliable and have a long lifespan. This means that you can
count on them to last through years of use without having to worry about any issues or
malfunctions. Overall, Carrier APUs are a great choice for those who want a powerful processor
that offers excellent energy efficiency and reliable performance at an affordable price.trucking


The Benefits of an APU

Tripac parts in the new Tripac Evolution offer an industry leading APU that delivers
lower operational costs and superior driver comfort. There are so many benefits to having the
best APU that Tripac parts has to offer. To start, driver comfort is extremely important. Drivers
spend a significant amount of time away from home and it is important that they have access to
many of the comforts of home while on the road. It is also important that drivers are able to
feel well-rested prior to returning to the road for the safety of themselves and others. Being
able to offer these comforts as a company will also help attract and retain the best possible
Fuel savings is a primary factor when contemplating APU’s. Fuels costs are a significant
overhead cost for all fleet companies. Fleets can expect to save up to $2,500 annually, thereby
making it a cash flow positive investment from the start. APUs also help to reduce idling which
puts a lot of added stress on the engine. This added stress increases ongoing maintenance
costs. This is just another way in which APUs help to save companies money in the long run, not
to mention the environmental health benefits.
With Tripac Evolution, drivers and fleet owners alike can rest-assured they are gaining
unrivaled performance and low operating costs from some of the best products on the market.
This device is also extremely easy to use. In fact, there is no longer training needed in order to
operate the APU efficiently. Custom configuration is also possible for each unit in order to
support a variety of fleets. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our
support team here at the APU Center.



Welcome to The APU Center

Welcome to the APU Center where we care just as much about your drivers and fleet of vehicles are you do! We specialize in all things related to driver comfort while idling or on the road. We understand the struggle to maintain current idling laws while resisting excessive wear and tear on your fleet. While idling laws are regularly changing, the current law states that drivers must have 10 hours of rest for every 11 hours of driving. During this rest time drivers do just that – rest! However, drivers need to do more than just rest during their downtime. Drivers need the ability to eat, charge their phones, possibly use a computer, and take care of regular every day tasks. This is where the APU Center is here to help. 

Here are the APU Center we specialize in the service, repair, sales and purchasing of new, used, and refurbished APUs and their parts. We also sell and repair generators and inverters as well as other trucking comfort items. We understand how difficult it can be for drivers to be on the road long hours and we want to bring as many comforts of home with them as possible. This can help retain good employees and improve overall job satisfaction. However, this can put excess strain on your fleet as well by having all the comforts of home out on the road. Our top of the line APUs allow truckers to idle for hours without placing extra strain on the engine which saves countless hours of wear and tear on the engine and overall vehicle. 

Your drivers will no longer need to worry about how long they are idling whether it be to use the heat in the winter, the air conditioning in the summer or simply to charge their cell phones to call their family’s our APUs are here to save the day. If you need help finding the best new or used APU for your fleet give us a call and we would be happy to help.


Caring for your Tires

Your tires are one of the main elements of your vehicle as they are what allows you to reach each destination. When it comes to maintaining your tires, here are a few tips that will help you to stay safe on the road. 


Have the right tires: Although it may sound basic, with so many different tires on the market, having the right one will make all the difference. Considering the load carry capacity, size, elements that may occur along the routes, etc are all factors that should be considered. Keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections assist in keeping high performance and safety.


Watch your speed: When you have found the right tire for your truck, make sure to have a clear understanding of the maximum speed rating. This is the number that drivers should go by, not necessarily what the highway speed limits are. Tire related accidents and dangers to the public can be avoided by drivers watching their speed, especially when sharing the road with other drivers. 


Tire Inspection: Drivers need to be hands on with every part of their truck and understand as much of it as possible. Tires need to be inspected for cuts, cracks, flat spotting and more. Although it may take time, doing this routinely will help keep you and others safe on the road.


Cold Inflation: Maintaining an even weight distribution can be difficult during changing weather conditions. Since tires change with cold and hot weather, they need to be checked during temperature fluctuations. Without the right inflation, tires can experience heavy tread damage which can only cause further problems. Experts say that cold inflation pressure is most accurately measured when tires have been parked for a minimum of three hours which gives the tires a chance to adjust resulting in the most accurate reading. 


Making sure that your truck is running at peak efficiency is what we do best. We offer new and refurbished APU’s both online and at our storefront which saves you time and money while on the road. We also carry evolution parts in our extensive inventory.


Staying Safe on the Road


Driving always presents risk and when you are driving a 18 wheel semi truck or other large vehicle, it becomes even more important. Here are some of our top tips for drivers of any age and experience level that will hopefully help keep you safe on the road.


The Buffer Zone- As truck drivers we have the advantage of being significantly higher in the air in comparison to the average vehicle. The height is an advantage in being able to see what is ahead on the road. What you want to see in front of you is absolutely nothing, you want to leave plenty of space in front of your rig which may mean that you are only going 50 mph, but being patient is what will keep you out of trouble. Having space means you have room to break and avoid joining any accidents that may occur in front of you. 


Delivery Check- Prior to making a delivery in an unfamiliar area, find a space to park outside of the location and walk around it first. This allows you to take in any potential obstacle that may be unexpected including fire hydrants, ditches, light posts etc. You know your truck the best and will be able to determine what is the best way to get in and out of the area. 


Rain, Snow, Hail, Sun-  Driving is not only about being aware of the other cars on the road, it also applies to knowing the weather. Not only does it give you an idea of what the roads might be like, but it also allows you to mentally prepare for the road ahead. Different conditions may require you to pull to the side sooner than you expected for your own safety and that of your cargo. 

Being safe on the road is the number one goal for truck drivers. When it comes to saving money, there is no better way to cut down on fuel costs than through using an APU. Stop on by our shop and have your APU installed or serviced by one of our experienced technicians. We have a large selection of Thermo King parts and can also ship parts across the country.



3 of the Longest Trucking Routes in the USA

Being a trucker comes with its own set of responsibilities and requirements but those that do long haul trucking are in their own category. These folks operate and take care of heavy trucks and also live life on the road. Here we are looking at several of the longest routes that long haul truckers take in the USA.


Interstate 90 has the unique characteristic of being the longest interstate freeway in the United States. Starting in Seattle, Washington, this route crosses into states like Montana, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania before ending in Boston, Massachusetts. Of course, you can always go the other way and start in Boston. To complete this route, drivers travel a total of about 3,020 mile. Along the way drivers will cross 2 famous floating bridges, the Homer Hadley Memorial Bridge and the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge in Washington.


Also ending or starting in Boston is the “Big Daddy” of roads. At a total of 3,365 miles, Boston to Newport, Oregon has a lot to see during the drive on Route 20. Along with beautiful views of nature, this coast to coast road is the longest highway in the nation. It is a road that is not only taken by truckers but also by those folks that love a hardcore road trip.

Living life on the road can be an isolating experience but the road on Route 50 has been labeled “the loneliest route in America,” and was given the title in 1986. Not much has changed since then and the route has long stretches of little to no people living in the areas that drivers cross. From Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California, the roughly 3,010 miles is scenic for those that appreciate silence and peacefulness of the road.

However long you spend on the road, having the right APU can make a difference. We carry brands like Dynasys and Thermo King APUs to serve you while you are on the road. Stop idling and start saving time and money with the right APU for your truck.




Diesel vs Electric APUs

When it comes to choosing the right APU for your truck, there are a variety of factors to consider. You have already made the most important choice of installing an APU into your truck, which will save you time and money on the road. Determining if you are going to use a diesel or electric APU is the next step in the process. Here is a brief breakdown of both types so that you have a better understanding and can make the most informed decision depending on the type of trucking you do.


Diesel APUs are ideal for drivers who spend the majority of their time in either areas that are very cold or areas that are very hot. They are run by a small diesel engine that runs with the rest of your truck. They have more power than their electric counterparts and can therefore generally last longer than 10 hours, allowing for maximum rest time for drivers. More power also means that more electric parts can run while the truck is powered down without the fear of the APU running out of steam. On the downside, they require more preventative maintenance and more specific knowledge. The maintenance for a diesel APU needs to be kept up to avoid nasty consequences. They also need belt and oil changes to run at maximum efficiency.


On the other hand, electric APUs were designed for a different driver in mind. A driver who only spends a few nights in a row on the road may prefer an electric APU. This form was designed for moderate temperatures and for drivers who have the ability and time to recharge their APUs at home. While they may not require much additional maintenance, they still need batteries and an understanding of energy efficiency to make the most out of each charge.


Regardless of which type of APU you choose, just having one will make your job easier. Less idle time is not only better on fuel costs, but also on taking care of the truck in the long run. We carry parts for Thermo King APUs as part of our commitment to keeping you safe on the road.



Find the Right Trucking Company to Work for

There are many different trucking companies out there that are always recruiting new drivers no matter what state the economy is in. Despite this, you need to know that these companies all have different recruiting techniques that they use to entice new drivers to sign up with them. It is to your advantage to take a close look at the various trucking companies out there and see what they have to offer you. Since you won’t be comparing apples to apples you need to evaluate each one on an individual basis.


First, you will want to find a trucking company that has a terminal in your general area. Otherwise you are going to find you have to drive endless miles empty in your own vehicle if you are using a company owned semi truck. If you are an owner operator with your own truck then you will be driving these additional miles in the big rig without pay. This can get quite expensive. Many of the larger trucking companies have terminals in many locations while the smaller ones may only offer one or two terminals. This will generally be the location where you drop off your paperwork, attend safety meetings, and take care of other essential tasks related to the trucking industry.

The amount of money you will get paid is very important, but you need to evaluate this carefully. Many trucking companies offer a sign on bonus if you agree to a contract of one year or more. This may be payable when you initially start or when you reach the time mark outlined in your contract. You need to find out if you will get paid by the mile or by the hour for your work as well.


It is important to find out when you will be paid for your work. Some trucking companies pay you a set number of days after you turn in paperwork for a load. Others have set pay dates. You also need to find out if you will get a check or if the funds will be directly deposited into your account. If you are an over-the-road truck driver the direct deposit option generally works best so you can access funds even when you aren’t in the area.


Inquire about various benefits that the trucking company may offer you. These include health insurance, 401k plans, and bonuses for attendance and safety. All of these items make up a complete employment package and they are worth looking into. Also, you should always have some type of savings plan in the works for your future.

The way dispatch works for different trucking companies can make getting loads a smooth process or it can be a nightmare. Look for a trucking company that has plenty of freight to offer. This way you can deliver your load, call dispatch for another load, and be on your way again. You will be wasting your time and your money if they continually leave you sitting around waiting for a load.


Find out how the company handles time off. You may be offered paid vacation time after you have been with the company for a set period of time. However, you may need to take a couple of days off to deal with issues that have been piling up or for a special occasion. Look for a trucking company to work for that is willing to work with you to get your personal needs met.


Drivers should also know that having an auxiliary power unit can increase fuel efficiently by reducing idling time. They should know the importance of APU maintenance and well as how to stay on top of his/her rig’s other systems. In short, careful research into your employment options and the right set of skills will help keep the job you do secure enjoyable and safe as well as profitable.




What to Look for in Truck Driver Training Programs

There are many different programs out there that teach you how to drive a semi truck. They often assist you with learning the written materials as well so that you can pass both tests in order to get your Class A CDL. It is important to look into the qualifications of such truck driver training programs though. You want a quality program that is going to teach you valuable skills. It can be very dangerous to place new trainees into the workforce with a CDL when they don’t have sufficient training. You also want one that is affordable. Many of the accredited truck driver training programs offer financial aid to help assist with the cost of attendance. They will also work out payment plans to assist you with paying for the remainder or if you don’t qualify for any type of financial assistance.


There are many instances where you can get your truck driver training paid for by an employer. Still, you have to look closely at what they require in return. Most of them will require you to sign a contract that you will work for their company for a specified amount of time. If you are fired or voluntarily leave the company before that span of time you will be responsible for repaying the company for the cost of your training.


The length of the truck driver training program is very important too. Some of them claim that they can get you in and out in a couple of weeks. While this may seem appealing, keep in mind that there is plenty to learn about driving a semi truck. You don’t want to be rushed and you don’t want to be on the road on your own before you are ready. Find a program that is full time and is at least four weeks long.


Ask about the curriculum of the program so that you can see for yourself what information will be covered. You should also ask about class sizes so you can find out if you will be able to have your specific needs met by the program. Don’t be shy about asking about the qualifications of their instructors either. The more experience they have in the classroom and driving a semi truck, the more firsthand information they will be able to share with you.


It can be very exciting to learn how to drive a semi truck, and having your Class A CDL can open up many wonderful job opportunities for you. Selecting the right training program is essential for you to establish a solid foundation upon which to build. Knowing the basics of how to operate a semi truck, the rules of the road, hours of operation, and being safe should all be a part of any quality truck driving training program. Don’t settle for anything less since it may result in you not having the skills you need to succeed in this career.


Driving a semi requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. It also requires you to have a vehicle that is performing at peak efficiency so that you can handle unavoidable emergencies that can surprise even the most skilled driver. You can improve the efficiency of your truck with an auxiliary power unit (APU). An APU can help increase gas efficiency and reduce idling time. We sell APUs at a reasonable price and can even perform auxiliary power maintenance on your existing unit.


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