Welcome to The APU Center

Welcome to the APU Center where we care just as much about your drivers and fleet of vehicles are you do! We specialize in all things related to driver comfort while idling or on the road. We understand the struggle to maintain current idling laws while resisting excessive wear and tear on your fleet. While idling laws are regularly changing, the current law states that drivers must have 10 hours of rest for every 11 hours of driving. During this rest time drivers do just that – rest! However, drivers need to do more than just rest during their downtime. Drivers need the ability to eat, charge their phones, possibly use a computer, and take care of regular every day tasks. This is where the APU Center is here to help. 

Here are the APU Center we specialize in the service, repair, sales and purchasing of new, used, and refurbished APUs and their parts. We also sell and repair generators and inverters as well as other trucking comfort items. We understand how difficult it can be for drivers to be on the road long hours and we want to bring as many comforts of home with them as possible. This can help retain good employees and improve overall job satisfaction. However, this can put excess strain on your fleet as well by having all the comforts of home out on the road. Our top of the line APUs allow truckers to idle for hours without placing extra strain on the engine which saves countless hours of wear and tear on the engine and overall vehicle. 

Your drivers will no longer need to worry about how long they are idling whether it be to use the heat in the winter, the air conditioning in the summer or simply to charge their cell phones to call their family’s our APUs are here to save the day. If you need help finding the best new or used APU for your fleet give us a call and we would be happy to help.

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