Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Thermo King APU


The Thermo King APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is a crucial component of your truck, providing power for your heating, cooling, and electrical systems when the engine is off. Given its importance and the role it plays in keeping your vehicle in top shape, it’s crucial to keep it well-maintained and functioning optimally. Here, we’ll explore practical tips to help you maximize the lifespan of your Thermo King APU. 

Scheduling Your Thermo King APU Inspections

Your Thermo King APU benefits immensely from regular inspections. This regular health-check conducted by experts helps nip potential issues in the bud before they blossom into bigger, more costly problems. An in-depth inspection should encompass a comprehensive check of various components of your APU, including the belts, hoses, alternator, refrigeration system, battery, and control system. The golden rule is to arrange for an inspection at least twice yearly or after your APU has clocked 1,000 hours of operation. However, you should listen to your APU as well. Any unusual noise or noticeable drop in performance is a clear sign that your Thermo King APU could use an inspection. Being proactive in scheduling these inspectionssemi truck
can go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your APU and ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly.

Importance of Using Genuine Thermo King Parts

When it comes to safeguarding your Thermo King APU‘s longevity, using genuine Thermo King parts is an essential factor. These original parts are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to meet the stringent quality and durability standards set by Thermo King. As a result, they ensure your APU functions optimally and maintains peak performance levels. Conversely, while non-genuine parts might appear to be a cost-effective solution, they can prove to be a double-edged sword. Often, these parts do not match Thermo King’s high-quality standards, which could lead to underperformance, frequent downtime, and even severe damage to your APU. The risk is further magnified as the usage of non-genuine parts could potentially nullify your Thermo King warranty, leaving you unprotected in the face of unforeseen APU issues. Think of your APU as an orchestra, where every part needs to work in perfect harmony. Genuine parts act as the fine-tuned instruments that make this harmony possible. They have been carefully engineered to work in sync with your Thermo King APU, ensuring it always delivers a stellar performance. In a nutshell, choosing genuine Thermo King parts is like choosing a health insurance policy for your APU. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in the long-term health, efficiency, and productivity of your Thermo King APU. So, always opt for the genuine parts to ensure your APU performs to its maximum potential and serves you reliably for years to come.

Keeping the Air Filter Clean and Functioning

A high-performance APU demands a clean and efficient air filter, a vital piece in the grand puzzle of your Thermo King APU’s functioning. By effectively filtering airborne particles, a pristine air filter significantly enhances your APU’s performance and fuel economy. On the flip side, an overlooked and dirty filter is a doorway to potential engine damage. Thermo King has a clear recommendation in this regard – a check-up for your air filter every 500 hours and a full replacement after a span of 1,000 hours. Nonetheless, if you’re often hitting the road in environments with high dust levels, it’s wise to tune up the frequency of your air filter maintenance. This routine task not only adds to the longevity of your APU but also saves you from the financial burden of major repairs. Develop a routine, be it a quick glance during a pit stop or a dedicated time in your schedule, to ensure your filter is in its prime condition. This might seem like a small task, but it carries a significant impact on your APU’s lifespan. Just like a well-oiled machine, your Thermo King APU craves this kind of meticulous attention. After all, prevention is always better than a cure, especially when it comes to the heart of your vehicle – your Thermo King APU.

Learning to Identify Common APU Problems

 Recognizing common issues with your Thermo King APU can be instrumental in its long-term maintenance. Gaining knowledge about potential problems allows you to catch any hiccup in its infancy, thereby preventing minor glitches from morphing into major repairs. Watch out for warning signs such as unexpected noises or excessive shaking. A noticeable dip in heating or cooling performance can also point towards a potential issue. Increased fuel consumption is another red flag that something might be amiss with your Thermo King APU. If any of these signs manifest, don’t hesitate to seek an expert’s opinion. Swiftly addressing these issues not only rectifies the immediate problem but also contributes to the longevity of your APU. In essence, understanding common APU problems acts as a first line of defense, helping you take preventive measures and ensuring your Thermo King APU continues to operate at peak performance for years.



How Harmful Is Idling?

There are now 29 states with active idling law regulations in place. These laws are in
place for good reason, as idling for 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more CO2 than
restarting your engine does! Over time and with an excessive number of vehicles on the road,
these emissions can wreak havoc on the environment. Running vehicles emit significant CO2
which is a colorless and odorless gas. What happens to the environment when more and more
CO2 is emitted is that heat becomes trapped. This is called the enhanced greenhouse effect.
Over time this can dramatically alter the earth’s climate.
Vehicles also produce volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and oxides of
nitrogen. All of these gases are toxic and when produced in abundance are extremely harmful
to the environment. Something to consider when running a fleet of vehicles that may be idling
is the health of the drivers. The drivers have direct exposure to all of these harmful chemical
day after day while on the job. This can cause long-term health problems and increase costs for
your business, not to mention you want to protect your drivers at all cost.
Luckily, APU Center has an abundance of solutions that will not only save the health of
your drivers, but it will help save your bottom line as well. If you need assistance on selecting
the right APU for your fleet of vehicles we are happy to help. We have cost-saving solution tools
that will help you realize your total cost savings by making the switch. The best benefit to APU
usage is the health of the environment and the health of your drivers. It can be an initial
investment to your company upfront but will save you significantly long-term and the payback
happens quickly.idling


Standalone Truck Mounted APU

The RigMaster APU is the ultimate stand-alone generator. There are many benefits to using a RigMaster APU for your commercial lines. You will not regret using this top of the line unit. Luckily we have a cost savings calculator on our website that will point out the specific savings that your company will receive when using a RigMaster APU. Below are a few specific benefits to the RigMaster APU Generator.

Length of Use: The RigMaster has the ability to stay running for 12+ hours in comparison to what a standard truck engine would burn in only two hours time. For this reason alone your company will save significantly on fuel and operating costs. Again, you can see the specifics for your situation using our Cost Savings Calculator.
Climate Control: The RigMaster also has the ability to automatically control the cab climate. There are also controls within the cab that make this function easy to use.
Environmentally Friendly: RigMaster is committed to providing a product that is beneficial to the environment. You can rest assured that you are not only reducing your costs but also reducing pollution and helping to protect the environment.

APU Center is skilled and trained in not only selling you the best APU for your company but repairing APU’s as they wear down over time as well. If you need help selecting the best option for your company please feel free to reach out to our team at any time to discuss what would be the best fit. If you also are curious if your current APU can be repaired and refurbished we would be happy to take a look. We’re often able to offer discounts off of our RigMaster APU’s and other models as well. Check back on our website regularly for updated products and pricing.


Staying Safe on the Road


Driving always presents risk and when you are driving a 18 wheel semi truck or other large vehicle, it becomes even more important. Here are some of our top tips for drivers of any age and experience level that will hopefully help keep you safe on the road.


The Buffer Zone- As truck drivers we have the advantage of being significantly higher in the air in comparison to the average vehicle. The height is an advantage in being able to see what is ahead on the road. What you want to see in front of you is absolutely nothing, you want to leave plenty of space in front of your rig which may mean that you are only going 50 mph, but being patient is what will keep you out of trouble. Having space means you have room to break and avoid joining any accidents that may occur in front of you. 


Delivery Check- Prior to making a delivery in an unfamiliar area, find a space to park outside of the location and walk around it first. This allows you to take in any potential obstacle that may be unexpected including fire hydrants, ditches, light posts etc. You know your truck the best and will be able to determine what is the best way to get in and out of the area. 


Rain, Snow, Hail, Sun-  Driving is not only about being aware of the other cars on the road, it also applies to knowing the weather. Not only does it give you an idea of what the roads might be like, but it also allows you to mentally prepare for the road ahead. Different conditions may require you to pull to the side sooner than you expected for your own safety and that of your cargo. 

Being safe on the road is the number one goal for truck drivers. When it comes to saving money, there is no better way to cut down on fuel costs than through using an APU. Stop on by our shop and have your APU installed or serviced by one of our experienced technicians. We have a large selection of Thermo King parts and can also ship parts across the country.



3 of the Longest Trucking Routes in the USA

Being a trucker comes with its own set of responsibilities and requirements but those that do long haul trucking are in their own category. These folks operate and take care of heavy trucks and also live life on the road. Here we are looking at several of the longest routes that long haul truckers take in the USA.


Interstate 90 has the unique characteristic of being the longest interstate freeway in the United States. Starting in Seattle, Washington, this route crosses into states like Montana, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania before ending in Boston, Massachusetts. Of course, you can always go the other way and start in Boston. To complete this route, drivers travel a total of about 3,020 mile. Along the way drivers will cross 2 famous floating bridges, the Homer Hadley Memorial Bridge and the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge in Washington.


Also ending or starting in Boston is the “Big Daddy” of roads. At a total of 3,365 miles, Boston to Newport, Oregon has a lot to see during the drive on Route 20. Along with beautiful views of nature, this coast to coast road is the longest highway in the nation. It is a road that is not only taken by truckers but also by those folks that love a hardcore road trip.

Living life on the road can be an isolating experience but the road on Route 50 has been labeled “the loneliest route in America,” and was given the title in 1986. Not much has changed since then and the route has long stretches of little to no people living in the areas that drivers cross. From Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California, the roughly 3,010 miles is scenic for those that appreciate silence and peacefulness of the road.

However long you spend on the road, having the right APU can make a difference. We carry brands like Dynasys and Thermo King APUs to serve you while you are on the road. Stop idling and start saving time and money with the right APU for your truck.



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