What You Need to Know About ELD

What You Need to Know About ELD

Now that 2018 is officially in full effect, the FMCSA’s final ELD rule is also in full effect. Over three million trucking companies and their drivers are still working on reaching compliance, even after the deadline has passed and it’s important for every trucking company to be up-to-speed with E-logs and how they work. According to ELDFacts.com,

“an ELD is an electronic solution that enables professional truck drivers and commercial motor carriers to easily track Hours of Service (HOS) compliance. All CDL drivers required to keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) must use an ELD to document their compliance with HOS rules. The new ELD rule adds certain technical and performance specifications that define exactly what the device must feature.”


By this time, it’s important for motor carriers, whether big or small, to be ELD compliant to avoid any penalty fees that may arise for companies that do not comply with this new rule. Having an APU generator can benefit companies during the ELD compliance, due to their design to conserve resources, saving drivers money and helping to maintain the life of the truck’s engine, especially since ELD requires a certain amount of downtime now. For used APU generators, be sure to visit our eBay store through our website.

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