The ELD Mandate: How Will It Affect You?

The ELD Mandate: How Will It Affect You?

What is the ELD Mandate?

Essentially, this new mandate requires drivers to utilize an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) to keep track of their hours. This rule is in place to create a better system for accurately tracking the number of hours a driver is on the road. Previously, with paper logs, there was the concern that hours could be mistakenly tracked and drivers could be on the road much longer than necessary. The current rule states that for every 11 hours you drive, you must take 10 hours off.

How will it affect idling times?

With this new rule in place, there’s no getting around the necessary 10 hours of downtime. While you do not have to stay in your truck for those entire 10 hours, most drivers use this time to sleep or relax in their bunk. If the truck were to idle for these 10 hours of downtime, fuel and energy costs may pile up. In addition, idling laws are always changing – oftentimes, states will prevent idling for long periods of time.

What can I do?

An alternative to idling is utilizing an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). This unit will allow you to turn off your engine during downtime, while still maintaining access to heat, air conditioning, internet, and other services in your truck that require power. By using an APU instead of idling, you can stay up-to-code with the new ELD Mandate and enjoy all the road has to offer.


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