New Year, New E-Logs

New Year, New E-Logs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration turned the trucking industry on its head in December of 2015. The final ELD rule now requires electronic logging (a.k.a e-logs) devices for trucks with a 2000 or newer model year. As of December 17th, this is something interstate truck drivers must do. Although this is a drastic change that may help trucking companies in the long run, with new ventures comes preparation.

With 2018 being just around the corner, a great way to make sure your drivers have an easy E-log transition is to secure a new or used APU generator for trucks. If you’re familiar with APUs then you know that it allows drivers to stay comfortable during idling times. According to,

“the most common mistake fleets make when adopting ELDs is trying to do it too quickly…It takes time to select a good system that is a match for your fleet, develop the compliance culture necessary to operate in the electronic logging universe, train everyone in how to use the system, and roll it out in an orderly fashion.”

If you haven’t at least looked into investing in some new APU generators, we highly suggest doing so now that the ELD rule is in full swing.


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